IntEGre la Carte

One of IntEGre's missions is to get students to discover the local culture and heritage, as well as Grenoble and all it has to offer them.

We offer our members the possibility to get some reduced prices at various establishments around Grenoble. These can be places involved in entertainment, restauration, tourism, or other services; that you can get discounts at by showing your IntEGre membership card.

Through this card, IntEGre's goal is to promote businesses which are embematic of Grenoble!

Members can also use the card to get access to certain events which require participants to be members. Lastly, the card allows students to get reduced prices on our paid events.

Membership costs 10€ for the academic year. To get your card, come to our office with a recent id-style photo of yourself (701 Avenue Centrale, 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères).