Let's talk about partners

As you know, IntEGre has a membership card and it comes with discounts on all our payed events as you help support the association, but also advantages with our partners!

Discover the list

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About our partners


You enjoy escape games ?Then this is for you!

You get discounts on drinks

You can have discounts on the escape game starting with 4 players

- 4 players : 22,50€ per player instead of 27,50€

- 5 players : 18€ per player instead of 24

- 6 players : 15 € per player instead of 20

If you choose to do a VR escape :

- 2 players : 25€ per player instead of 35€

- 3 players : 25€ per player instead of 33,33€

- 4 players : 25€ per player instead of 30€


The Rock Tavern

- 20% on drinks

- 25% during our Melting bars activities 

Kiltin Pub

If you miss Scotland or enjoy to wear a Kilt while drinking amazing homemade beer, than this is the place! You'll find English speaking bartender too and lots of internationals

- Happy hour all along !


Entrée Bar
Étagères de bibliothèque

Gibert Joseph

Need to buy some books (or to sell them when you leave?), pens or workbooks, this bookshop is perfect for you ! 

- 5% off on your all purchase

MC2 House of Culture

Enjoy shows and guided tours of the MC2 with special rates.

Homme buvant un café

Columbus Cafe

Want to take a break? Go to the Colombus café

- 10% off on your sugar Columbus menu

Become a partner

Are you interested in becoming an IntEGre partner? Do not hesitate to contact us!